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Heat transfer simulation setup

Question asked by Robert Gould on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by Robert Gould

Ok well, if someone could quickly run down how to set this up it would be appreciated. I have a graphics card I want to cool, and I am using a block sitting on a processor. The plastic block has a copper plate on the bottom which sits on a larger aluminum plate. the copper plate slightly overlaps the aluminum p[late and cools it, there is a second aluminum rectangular  block where the fluid enters the loop in the front through a barb. OK so I set up the flow simulation as an external sim (good?), i set the inlet and outlet as environmental pressure, and using an impeller for my rotating region in the plastic block. I am assuming the rotating region will suck the fluid in and throw it out basically. I set up the main fluid (fluid subdomain) as the internal water and set it at 35 degrees. the other fluid is air surrounding the assembly which I also set up at 35 ambient. I also added surface heat generation rates to 4 surfaces on the bottom, 300watts for the center, 50 watts, 5 watts, and 8 watts on the outer pads. I basically just selected them and added them as surface heat sources (will this work?) One thing that confuses me is that there is temperatures you can set for everything, inlet temp, initial conditions temp, environmental pressure all these have to be set? and how does this affect my results? Also, my numbers seem low. I set all those temperatures i mentioned at 35 degrees, and in the screenshots i hit a max temp of 48 degrees on the outside of the processor around the outside of the copper. I was picturing higher temperatures. Is this even set up correctly or is there something I am missing like goals or like maybe my heat sources are not generating, I set this up as steady state or default sim not a time dependent one. Inital mesh is default. heat conduction is on, radiation is on, gravity is on, rotation is on. when i see flow trajectories the fluid is rotating and exiting as expected. any suggestions on this//???? I may not be able to pack and go this because of possible NDA issues, so hopefull you run through a good set up to get accurate results without it...