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Looking to find the torque caused by air flowing against a plate, GG torque help, flow simulation

Question asked by Bryan Cross on Oct 1, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2014 by Jared Conway

FYI new to CFD and no one in my firm knows much about it......


I am working on a model of a gimbal and looking at the air flow against the front cover of 250 ft/s.

I want to know the torque required to hold the ball part of the gimbal in place. I did this and got some interesting answers that I didn't understand, using GG torque as a goal.

So I went to an easier problem. Looking at the torque created by air flowing against flat plate 9'' x 10'' with at base larger then the computational domain. I again used GG torque as a goal and included pressure on front and back surfaces of the plate. The average torque I got was 2.1 ft*lb with an average pressure of 14.8 psi.

Doing the calcs on this, the pressure and the torque created do not match up, not even close.

(10'' x 9'') x (14.8 psi) x (4.5''/12) = 499.5 ft*lb

Thinking that I don't fully understand the output of GG torque, help on this? And any help on how to find the torque to hold the plate still with 250 ft/s air flowing against it?


Thanks in advance!