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How to Unknit/Explode Surface Body

Question asked by Christopher Hanks on Oct 1, 2014

Hi Solidworks folks,

I am trying to unknit/explode a surface body so that I can trim the edges. Normally, I would use a combination of offset surface and delete face to separate this surface into two parts, but who wants 2-3 features in their feature tree when 1 feature could potentially do the job? Is there a feature that does this yet, or do I resort to the established procedure? See the screenshot of my surface, the first shows what I need to trim, the second shows why this is one surface body, the end is connected. The reason I got here was this surface was offset from a larger body with fillets, which are now removed, and I extended the edges in anticipation of trimming them. Of course, I can't use the trim surface feature unless I have two separate surfaces, and right now, Solidworks considers this as one surface body. Again, I know there are many ways to manipulate this surface body and get what I want, but I want to do it with maximum efficiency, so an unkit/explode surface body feature would be very helpful. Thanks.