Bill Casnovsky

Great CTSUG meeting in Austin, TX

Discussion created by Bill Casnovsky on Apr 2, 2007
Hello, User Group members.

Just wanted to report that we had a really good user group meeting,Wednesday night. I had 23 show up, but the interaction anddiscussion sounded more like 50. Thank you Mike Puckett forallowing me to use your SWX W2007 "What you missed"presentation. I jumped out to the SAWSTOP website during thedelivery and everyone was amazed by the slightly nicked hot dogclip. The table saw has many other user friendly features onit as well. What an excellent example of thinking out of thebox!

My keynote speaker was to be Reed Hunt, former FCC Chairman. I hadheard him at a previous engagement and was impressed with histopic. He has written an excellent book entitled "In China'sShadow" I was hoping to get him to stop by and give a little"Pro Bono" talk to us. Bottom line, we were manythousands of dollars apart in our negotiations when he agreed tolet me use his presentation. Hopefully, I did an ok job because itreally generated a lot of group dialog regarding the plight ofengineers & designers in the heated competition betweenthe USA and China.

My group voted to view the 8 minute SolidMap clip. Two users wentaway with free copies of the software.

Looking forward to hosting Jeff Ray at our June meeting.

Bill Caz.
Group Leader, CTSUG, Austin, TX