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What to do when feature recognition fails?

Question asked by Brian Jay on Oct 1, 2014
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I think I need help...


I have an igs file of a rubber electrical connector boot.

Upon opening, a window informs me that "This file contains free curves/points which are not desired according to the import options.  Do you wish to import them anyway?"

If I say no, nothing happens.

If I say yes, 9 features open in the tree, but none are visible and all are composed of curves.

Should I change some import settings?


I have a sldprt file of the same part which only contains a single imported body.  When I attempt feature recognition it fails both manually and automatically.

Is feature recognition expected to work in that case?


I need to rotate the wire outlet by 180 degrees and the part is not symmetrical, so I am down to just chopping off and redoing the whole top end where the wires exit.  But I do not know how to construct the closed end.  I can add the wire outlet once I figure out how the faceted sides taper and close.


Any help would be much appreciated!


Thank you!