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    Ultra-wide vs. Dual monitor

    Ari Arponen

      I'm on verge to buy new monitor, actually I was thinking of buying two for dual monitors. But then I noticed that there are some 21:9 Ultra-Wide monitors also. Keeping in mind that I use 70% of time Solidworks, what would be the best solution? Now I have 16:9 24" monitor, and the annoying thing is that the feature tree and WPDM Vault takes a lot from sides. So I have actually a square display in the middle.

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          Robert D.

          Personally I would choose 2 versus 1. I have stuff on both monitors all the time and love that part. I want to go to 3 so it gets even better.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            I agree with Robert.  I've used two monitors for the last 5 years, and wouldn't want a single one regardless of how wide it is.  With that being said, I don't use WPDM, so I don't know how much room that takes up.  I do know that the feature tree doesn't take up enough space on mine to be an issue.


            I have two 24" monitors.  One is straight in front of me that I use for SW, and the second to my right for Windows Explorer, e-mail, etc.  I wouldn't want one any larger.  In fact, though I've had the 24" for about two years, I'm still not sure if I like it better than the 22" I had before.