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    how do you convert imported 2d iges curves into a sketch

    Mark Harris

      how should I convert the attached profile consisting of 20 or so imported 2d iges curves into a sketch

      I tried to convert entities using a chain and an offset plane

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          Jordan Tadic

          Hi Mark,


          If your goal is to have editable sketch geometry that you can further manipulate rather than Imported Curves, here's how I'd quickly do it:


          1. Start a sketch on the Front Plane
          2. Select "ImportedCurve1" from the FeatureManager
          3. Hold SHIFT while selecting "ImportedCurve23" from the FeatureManager to select all of the curves at once
          4. Activate the Convert Entities command to copy all of the curves onto your sketch as entities
          5. Activate the Display/Delete Relations tool
          6. Click "Delete All" in the PropertyManager to remove all of the relations to the original imported curves so your sketch entities can be freely edited and redefined
          7. Click OK
          8. Exit the sketch
          9. SHIFT select all of the imported curves from the FeatureManager again
          10. Click the Delete key on your keyboard
          11. Select "Yes to all" at the prompt


          Now you'll have nothing but a sketch in your model.  You'll need to fully define the sketch geometry on your own, but at least you'll have the flexibility to make any edits you wish.  If you don't care to relocate any of the entities and want to make sure they stay put, then:


          1. Edit the sketch
          2. Select a single sketch entity
          3. Click CTRL+A to select all sketch entities within the sketch
          4. Select the anchor icon from the context toolbar to add a Fixed relation to all of the entities


          Hope this is what you were looking for!