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Assembly visualization fields refuse to update the part files

Question asked by Ted Bertele on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Patrick Couture

So I am using the assembly visualization tool to check my parts and sub assemblies and make sure the properties (like part number, next used, and so on) are updated and correct.  After making loads of changes and updates, the values I typed into the text boxes do not flow back to the parts.



I have an assembly with a part in it.

I select assembly visualization and select 'next'

The next level of assembly is shown incorrectly (7102-806)  and I correct it (7102-804) in the text box.

I close the assembly after checking save, save all, force regen, whatever.  I have tried a hundred different ways...

I open the assembly and check the properties and see that the part has not been updated and the previous value still stands (7102-806).


What the heck is the point of being able to change and manipulate the custom property values in the assembly visualization tool if they won't stick??