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network license manager showing incorrect number of licenses

Question asked by Chris Michalski on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by Ch Shif

Anybody ever had the Network License Manager not show licenses correctly?


I have a Pro and a Premium license.  So each one has a Standard license associated with it.


If I'm connected to the server I can open SW premium no problem.  Then if I open another instance on another computer it opens the Pro license.  That's all as expected.


But even after I close both of those, and the License Manager shows I have 1 of each available, it shows I have 0 of 2 of the Standard licenses available.


This only matters because last week I tried to transfer a license to my laptop to take on a support trip and you have to borrow a Standard license before the Pro or Premium.


Nothing I could do got SW to show those 2 licenses as being available.  (reboot, reread license, stop/restart license server)


We're not on a tech support contract so I'm hoping when I get back in town I can beg support since it's purely a "your software is screwing up" issue, not asking for help on something I don't know how to do (clicking "borrow" is pretty straight forward, I doubt I'm screwing that up...)