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The case of the disapearing point goals in Flow Simulation.

Question asked by Matthew Brown on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by Jared Conway

Has anyone ever encountered the problem where point goals invalidate themselves when the geometry is modified?  For example, I have an assembly that had a part that contained only a surface and was suppressed.  I decieded I wanted that feature so unsuppressed it and I applied a thicken command in the part to obtain a 3D solid.  However, when I go back into my Flow Simulation model all of the previously defined point goals have been invalidated.  I get a message stating something to the effect of 'cannot find vertex associagted with this point goal'.  When this happens, the only fix I have found is to delete and reapply the the point goals.  However, my current model has something like 80 some odd point goals, with several more equation goals based on these values.  It is a huge pain in the rear to delete and reassign these every time this happens and it has happened several times so far.


Does anyone have a work around or can tell me what I am doing wrong to cause this?  It seems like a very annoying bug to have goals disappear if you add or modifiy geometry.