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Sheet Metal Part with Non-Sheet Metal Features?

Question asked by Chris Pearson on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by Fredrik Karlsson

Is there a straightforward way to make a part that has a combination of extruded features and sheet metal features?


For example, I want to make a part out of aluminum channel that has some of the legs cut and bent like sheet metal. I want to start by modeling the channel and then adding edge flanges to it and I would like to be able to have the flat pattern to use in a drawing. The "convert to sheet metal" command isn't getting me what I want and the "insert bends" command ends up making the edges of the channel turn in to sheet metal bends.


I have a decent work around where I start by modeling the sheet metal features I want and then extrude the channel in chunks, merging all of the bodies together. This gets me the end result I want and the flat pattern will flatten all of my bends properly, but it doesn't seem like a very intuitive approach. It's a pain to come back in and make changes to the geometry now and it seems like there must be a more elegant approach - some way that follows steps closer to how it would actually be fabricated.


Please see "Channel-SheetMetal.SLDPRT" attached for my attempt.



I am also trying to figure out how to model a piece of foil faced insulation. I've cut slits in the insulation, leaving the foil sheet intact behind it, then bent the foil along the slits to roll the sheet around into a ring. I can model it fine, but I can't get the insulation portion to follow the foil sheet when I go to my flat pattern.


Please see "Insulation.SLDPRT" attached for my attempt.