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Creating repetition function to obtain cellular structure

Question asked by Abdul Hadi Azman on Sep 30, 2014
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I have created a basic elementary cellular structure 1x1x1cm.






Then I applied a repetition function along the X and Y axis to obtain the this part below :




Next, I want to apply another repetition function along the Z axis to obtain a cellular structure of 5x5x5cm.


But, to apply the repetition function, I have to select all the 25 cubes above one by one.. It can't be chosen automatically at one.. After my previous repetition function, it does not become one merge part.


So my  question, how can I apply this repetition function along Z, when selecting part to be repeated, I don't need to choose each one. I can just click and select the part above straight away.

Thank you.








This is the final part that I want to obtain :