Tony Parker

File Size...Even After Hot Fix

Discussion created by Tony Parker on Mar 30, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2007 by Charles Culp
I am using SolidWorks 2007 SP2 on a Dell M70 Laptop (XP Pro): 2GHz Intel with 1 Gig Ram. I use surfacing a great deal for designing "organic" products and have been a huge victim of the "File Size" bug. With only minor changes to the part data (no configs, no equations), my file sizes compound in size with each save (for example starting at 5MB and moving to 250MB in about 7 saves).

I have used EcoSqueeze and the SW Hot Fix with limited success. While it does reduce the file size (some), on many parts the rebuild is corrupting my "Fill Surfaces" and 3d splines I use to guide them. I have tried relaxing the splines after rebuild, modifying control points, etc, but my surfaces all become "wrinkled" with no way of changing them back to a smooth, tangent blend.

Is anyone else having this type of problem? I am seriously considering going back to SW2006 because of this. Upgrading hardware is not an option at this point, especially when the same type of work was conducted more efficiently in SW2006. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.