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    EPDM Dispatch Folder Data Card

    Lee Desmarais



      I have a problem with a dispatch task I am working on. Our EPDM structure is organized by specific project. I use a .txt file as our "project", with all files associated to that project cut and "pasted as reference" to that text file. when a user wants to work on a project, they check out the text file, and all associated files come with, if they have permission.


      I would like to alter a property on my folder's data card to say "Last User", aka the last user to check out that .txt file. This should be simple enough. Here is what I have.




      Like I said, Pretty simple. I have a feeling it is in the user permissions somewhere?  as far as that goes I am at a loss.


      On a side note, I would like this to trigger whenever anyone checks out a txt file. how can I make that work? I found a user permission under administrative permissions that says "administrate dispatch tasks", but I'm wondering if there is something else i can select to allow everyone to use the tasks i'm creating.


      Thank you for your time!

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          Jerry Steiger



          You are more likely to get a good answer if you move this question to the Data Administration/Enterprise forum. Move should be available to you under Actions on the upper right side of the page.


          Jerry S.

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            Tim Read

            What you have should work - I tested it myself just now. It works from the Folder View and from the Search Tool.


            The user doesn't even need the permission "Edit folder card data" and the field on the folder card can even be set to "Read Only".

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                Lee Desmarais

                I guess it works for me now in some cases. It seems like it doesn't work once I get multiple files linked as reference. I put a message box in that would display the selected file to troubleshoot what was going on, and it wasn't showing the text file that I select at all, but one of the ones linked. it seemed like the first available one on the list.


                Does that make sense? I'm kind of at a loss.

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                    Tim Read

                    You could try adding a "For All Documents" loop to your dispatch script.


                    "Jump" to the End of the loop if the file !=%.txt


                    and Set the Folder card variable to User Name on the line after the Jump statement... then on the next line jump out of the loop. No need to set the variable more than once.

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                  Brian McEwen

                  As far as it not working... For the Set Card Variable - why do you have "Folder with Path" (under Item to set variable for)?  Just use "Selected File or Folder" - unless you have other stuff going on you didn't show, that would be the standard approach.


                  Hmm, not sure how you will use it, but I don't think the Last User thing will be searchable... until you check-in the file, and then it is just redundant with the "Versions Created By" search, and with standard info added to the History.


                  And while it is checked-out you have  the "Checked Out By" field... But perhaps there is other utility, probably easier to do other stuff with your own variable than the sneaky EPDM parameters.


                  As Tim said the user doesn't need any special permissions.  In fact, Dispatch is lacking in permissions controls.

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                      Lee Desmarais

                      I'm certainly open to suggestions.


                      I was going for an "At-A-Glance" view from the top jobs folder with all of our jobs in it. It would be beneficial to see the Job folder, with a "project workflow state" and a "last user".


                      Probably getting a little ahead of myself, but it was more of a creature feature. Any advice?