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    Type your questionWhen program loads an error message " swVBAServer has stopped working"  I hit the button for  Search internet for a solutiion"  but I get no response  so I hit   " Close the program"  and go on about my business   what is going on ???

    Joseph Larsen

      What is happening when this message Appeears ( 0n every start-up of my 2013 SW program)

      I look for solution but nothing shows up...I " View problem details "  and nothing shows up

      I hit " Close the program"  and it closes and SW  starts.... When working with dimensions program sometimes crashes   I wonder if these two things are related

      I am a new student to SW  and had to get 2013 because My system runs Vista

      Can anyone explain ???


      Scott Di Gregorio    scottdig@comcast.net