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Type your questionWhen program loads an error message " swVBAServer has stopped working"  I hit the button for  Search internet for a solutiion"  but I get no response  so I hit   " Close the program"  and go on about my business   what is going on ???

Question asked by Joseph Larsen on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by Eddie Pellegrin

What is happening when this message Appeears ( 0n every start-up of my 2013 SW program)

I look for solution but nothing shows up...I " View problem details "  and nothing shows up

I hit " Close the program"  and it closes and SW  starts.... When working with dimensions program sometimes crashes   I wonder if these two things are related

I am a new student to SW  and had to get 2013 because My system runs Vista

Can anyone explain ???


Scott Di Gregorio