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Discussion created by Tim Koritz on Mar 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2008 by joseph Davis
I have been configuring our toolbox over the past few days. Today was my first day to edit all of the toolbox parts with the new config properties that I want them to have. I first did a test part, of course. I deleted all of the current part numbers and then reentered them with the new config properties on the hex bolt.

Now when I try to select any of these "new" part numbers it processess for a long while and then crashes. It also crashes on selecting custom sizes that aren't all ready defined with a p/n. It also crashes while trying to select P/Ns from different parts, like machine screws. Somehow it will process a washer but it takes a long time. My VAR said to do a custom install to reset the toolbox which I would like to avoid because we all ready have so many fasteners defined with part numbers and venders. I am attaching a zip file of a recorded session I did in SWRx of the problem in action.

Heres to the hopes of anyone being able to save me from wiping out our toolbox... cheers.