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    How can I calculate the maximum force which doesn't make a plastic deformation with an arbitary FOS

    Alex Aan

      This is a school assignment.


      I have a simple arm where two equal forces are applied at one end and the other end is a rolled/slider fixture.

      1. I want to know how how big these forces can be without making a plastic deformation on the arm and a factor of safety = 2.
      2. I also want to know if the base can handle that force. If yes then with what FOS.
      3. Where can I read about interpreting simulation results? "Solidworks help" is very good when it comes to how and what to do, but not how to interpret the results.



      I have a hard time understanding FOS results. I have run the study but I can't answer my questions.


      Von Mises:







      Factor of safety for the arm. Clearly this force is way over my FOS = 2. Is this correct?