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How to remove view permissions from a subfolder in EPDM?

Question asked by Abby Dawkins on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by Michael Dekoning

We have a vendor we want to do some joint development with.  All the data is in a sub folder.  So our data structure is something like:


     ---- Project A

     ---- Project B

               --- Subsystem1

                         --- Component1

                         --- Component2

               --- Subsystem 2

               --- Subsystem 3

      ---- Library

               --- Standard Hardware...


I want the vendor to have access to the projectB/Subsytem1 folder and eveything underneath but not be able to view what is in Project A and it's subfolders of the other subfolders of Project B.


We thought we had a good workaround by only giving the contractor read permission in the ProjectB/Subsystem1 folder.  He couldn't browse to this folder but once he entered the full path to the ProjectB/Subsystem1 folder in Windows Explorer (C:\VAULT\ProjectB\Subssytem1), it made local folders to this path and he could browse and work.  This seemed fine while he was at our site but once he went back to his office, it became clear there was a huge performance hit for this setup.  We also gave him view access to the Library and since that's at the top level he can browse that at normal speed (2-3 seconds to display folder contents when there are ~10 things) while it takes ~3minutes to show him the contents of a folder with ~10 things in the ProjectB/Subsystem1 folder.  As a test we temporarily gave him access to the project B folder and everything was normal but we don't want him to have access to the other subsystem folders in Project B.


Anyone have ideas?