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Do notes have priority over title block information.

Question asked by Ron Reiners on Sep 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by Matthew Lorono

I have a number of drawings that have a note that states the tolerance is +/-.010, +/-.025, etc.. The standard title block on all the drawings have a hard written tolerance block with +/-.005. This is not a variable field, just +/-.005 on all formats.


I now have one vendor that is questioning it. I don't want to manually  update the format on individual drawings out of fear that someday down the road someone will change the format to a different size or when there is a new company logo and then the tolerance would change back to the standard title block tolerance. I suppose I could change the title block tolerance to a variable but then there is a chance that other may forget to set the variable on new drawings.


I have looked thru the ASME specs but haven't found anything that states that notes take precedence over the title block. Does anyone know if there is anything called out stating what has precedence? How is everyone else handling this situation?