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    Changing Weld Symbols

    Joe Miller

      I thought I would share this problem and solution due to its somewhat strange behavior. Running SW 2014 on a Dell Precision M6800 with Win 7. We don't usually import model weld symbols into our drawings, but rather put them in manually. All our annotatiions are to ANSI specs. However, I found that using this scenario, weld symbols I had placed in drawings were changing upon closing and reopening the drawings. Weld symbols would mysteriously appear above the line, bead sizes would change and "all around" notations would disappear. I checked the drafting standard and it was set to ANSI, as well was the welding symbol base specification. But what I diuscovered was that the annotation specs in the model have to be set the same as the drawing. If they aren't it seems as though the model and drawing get into an arguement over weld symbols. This is even though our weld symbols are not imported from the model. Setting the model and drawing to the same welding symbol specs and recreating the weld beads in the model stopped the changes being made.