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Feature tree organization, am I going overboard and is it affecting performance?

Question asked by Kevin Zulonas on Sep 27, 2014
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I have developed a system for feature tree organization that I feel suites my needs, and I want to get feedback from the SW community to see if this falls within the "best practices" for SW and/or if it is causing a performance hit. I ask because the part in question really bogs down my machine (100% cpu frequency every time I click on anything for 2-3seconds) and want to see if this is because of how I have structured my feature tree, or if this is typical for a part of this level of complexity (~700 features).


A brief intro to my system:

  • I use a lot of sketches and planes before I make any features
  • I keep all "decisions" and dimensions within these un-absorbed sketches
  • All the sketches driving feature creation use "Convert Entities" command
  • All Extrudes etc are "Up to Vertex" (of an un-absorbed control sketch) or "Up to Surface" as appropriate


I do this because:

  • It makes locating sketches that are driving geometry easier because sketches that I want to reference later aren't absorbed into the features that use them
  • It keeps complicated cross referencing down to a minimum, important for when features need to be reorganized relative to each other
    • All of my features only reference sketches and planes from the beginning of the feature tree and not each other
    • Say, you want move feature A below feature B, with this method you don't need to work about parent child relationships, because all features are referencing the beginning of the feature tree
  • If I delete a feature, no chance of accidentally losing important sketches that may have been referencing that feature in non-obvious ways


Example Part 1.pngExample Part 2.png

Example Part 3.png

So what are peoples thought's on this way of doing these? Is it causing a performance hit? Anyone have alternate approaches to feature tree organization?


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