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    EPDM Dispatch Character Counts

    Michael Ferraro

      Hello All,


      We have very recently bought EPDM and I am working on developing our data cards.


      Our material library has many materials that have been added that all have the following format:




      What we would like to do is put these three values onto the data card in 3 separate fields.


      Material = Information in 1st set of Brackets

      Finish = Information in 2nd set of Brackets

      Heat Treat = Information in 3rd set of Brackets


      I had worked this out in dispatch and thought I had it functioning until I realized I made a mistake. If I set a parts material to be [UHMW WHITE] it ends up putting UHMW WHITE into Material and into Heat Treat.


      Is there a way in dispatch to count the number of occurrences of a character? I would then be able to set up a few If statements pending what the value is. If only one "[" set the Material property, if 2 "[" set the Material and Finish and if 3 "[" set the Material Finish and Heat Treat.

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          Michael Dekoning

          I'm confused about what dispatch has to do with a data card.

          Are you concatenating the three values into another variable?

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              Michael Ferraro

              Our Data Card looks like the following:


              Data Card - Custom.PNG


              I would like to use Dispatch to take the material picked in SolidWorks and break it into the 3 corresponding pieces on the Data Card.


              So when an engineer picks a material in our material database that has the form [MATERIAL] [FINISH] [HEAT TREAT] it will take that single string and break it into 3 pieces and display it on the data card shown above.


              Does that make sense?

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              Earl Navarro

              I t

              You could accomplish this by using the functions in the link below.


              2011 SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Help - Functions for Variables





              VARORIG="[MATERIAL] [FINISH] [HEAT TREAT]"        this is your original variable from solidworks


              first use the LENGTH function to count the total number of characters in the string


              return value =31


              second use the LEFT function to eliminate the upper right hand bracket

              VARLEFT=left (VARORIG,VARLENGTH-1)

              return value=[MATERIAL] [FINISH] [HEAT TREAT


              third use the RIGHT function to remove the left hand bracket


              return value=MATERIAL] [FINISH] [HEAT TREAT


              fourth use the FIND function to find the first occurrence of the right hand bracket


              return value=8


              now you can extract the MATERIAL portion by using LEFT function


              return value=MATERIAL


              then use the REVERSEFIND function


              return value=19


              now you can extract the HEAT TREAT portion BY using RIGHT function


              return value =HEAT TREAT


              now to extract FINISHI portion BY USING MID function


              return value=FINISH


              hope this help

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                  Michael Ferraro



                  I seem to be having an issue using this. It seems like the FIND function doesn't like FIND(abcd, "]"). It would find items without the quotations on either end however when I add the quotations it seems to return odd values.


                  I also ran into another issue when I used the above which I think I may have a solution. If the user picks something that only has 2 of the fields above i.e. [MATERIAL] [FINISH] then it seems to mess up the reported results.


                  I thought an easy solution to this would actually be to change the format slightly to something along the lines of [MATERIAL] {FINISH} (HEAT TREAT). However when I did this I cannot seem to get EPDM to find the closed parenthesis shown below:


                  FIND(%d-Listed Material%, ))

                  and FIND(%d-Listed Material%, ")") doesn't seem to work either.


                  Have you had this issue before?