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Bend Deduction Table Issue and Confusion

Question asked by Fred Vraj on Sep 25, 2014

Hi Guys,

I am having a bit of a trouble with my new Bend Deduction Table.

I did Copy/Paste  GAUGE /  bend deduction mm sample on My Desktop ( for now ) I also changed the File Location in Options to read this file correctly.

This Table on my Desktop is the only one I want to use.

I have created simple part to see how it works but when I make changes in my table Deduction Values, it does not reflect changes within my drawings and Flat Patterns are not updated.


The Bend Line Info Text keeps showing BD 5.26 even after editing the Table Deduction Value ...why?

BD Issue.JPG



I have noticed that my main Bend Table on My desktop has value Thickness 3 , Radius 1mm, Bend deduction 5.55mm


When I open my part that uses this Table and click on Edit Table, it lets me change this Value but it does not sync the Table on the Desktop?


Also it keeps telling me :

Error    Flat-Pattern   Bend table file has invalid format.


I have not changed anything within this table  I just Copied/Pasted and renamed  the table from templates and changed 1 value.


This hole Table functionality is not very user friendly. Can anybody help? I would be so grateful if you could :-)


Have a great day everybody....


PS: Should I be Copying/ Pasting original SW table called  bend deduction mm sample right ??