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Thermal study with fluid convection from CFD

Question asked by Sjoerd Post on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello people,


At the moment I am trying to simulate a furnace which heats up a wall with a pipe penetration.


I am trying to simulate this by making a CFD analysis for the air flow.  (inlet static pressure 101345 Pa & 1000 degrees celcius ; Outlet environment pressure of 18 degrees)

After solving this I include this analysis in a Transient thermal study for the fluid convection.

The exposed faces are provided with an initial temperature of 18 C celcius.


After running the study in several ways I am not getting the results which I would expect.

All the faces keep having a temperature of around 18 C (The initial temperature)


It is like the fluid convection of the CFD analysis is not included in the study but only the conduction in materials?


Since it is the first time I am trying to solve a Thermal study I am wondering if there is somebody with more experience who can help me?


Some given parameters are:

Overpressure of 20Pa

Time dependent heat increase with the formula: T = 345 log10(8t + 1) + 20  (T= temp in C ; t = time in minutes)


Added are two pictures, one of the assembly and one of the result I get (t= 60 seconds).


Thanks on forehand!