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Hack to re-enable EnableStereoDisplay method for Quad-Buffered NVIDIA Stereo?

Question asked by Caleb Petersen on Sep 25, 2014

Like a lot of younger mechanical engineers who grew up with computers, I REALLY want a way to edit models (and especially assemblies) in real-time stereoscopic 3D.  Along with a 3dconnexion mouse, this would make my life a lot easier since I work with complex weave geometries.  Unfortunately, SW long ago discontinued its support for NVIDIA's Quad-Buffered Stereo in 3D output (retaining it only in Edrawings, which is not very useful since you can't even move assembly items in accordance with mates, let alone create content).  My understanding is that the last version of SW to support it was SW2011, which had this VBA method "EnableStereoDisplay".  This method has since been obsoleted according to this page (2014 SolidWorks API Help - EnableStereoDisplay Method (ISldWorks)) , but I was wondering if there's some registry trick to get it back.


And in general, DSS really needs to get some compatibility with 3D displays (if not the upcoming Oculus!)