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h-adaptive with no penetration won't run

Question asked by Florimond Laporte on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by Florimond Laporte


I ran an assembly simulation; pretty simple: two parts together with some contact areas. I tried first using global contact and h-adaptive method with success; no surprise yet. But then, I switched to no penetration contact. When I click run, nothing happens. No message, no reaction, nothing.


I thought my model could be problematic so I tried again with a simpler model, to bars overlapping. Same parameters and again bang: no reaction from the run button. If I switch back to a non adaptive method, all is working fine. If I try the p-adaptive method (I'm troubleshooting) I get the "Contact analysis is not supported by the P-method."


I really don't get what turn I missed. Is there a known incompatibility between no penetration contact and the h-adaptive method?