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    How can you link configuration specific properties in a note of a configuration that isn't shown in the view?

    Eric Simon



      I have parts with several configurations. The configurations are all identical in terms of modeling but have different configuration specific properties such as Colour, SKU, etc.


      In my assembly drawings I have notes that link to these properties and I have no problem linking to the properties of the configuration shown in the view. However, I also want to be able to link to properties for the configurations that aren't shown/active in the view. How can I do this?


      ie. Configuration "LT12" is shown and a leader attached to it links the properties for "SKU", Colour", Configuration Name". In the same note, or even another note attached to the same model (configuration LT12) I would like to link properties from configuration "LT10", "LT14", etc.


      Is this even possible? I've attempted many times over the years to figure this out to no avail.