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    How to display different text in title block based on yes/no custom property?

    Brian Hughes

      My goal is relatively simple:

      In the title block of our drawings, we have a note whose sole purpose is to show either of the words "STANDARD" or "CUSTOM" (see picture). I want to automate the display of this note using custom properties so that only the words "STANDARD" or "CUSTOM" are shown (i.e., a user can't just enter anything they want).


      Right now, our template is set up with a plain note (no properties linking) with "STANDARD" already entered. If a user wants to change it to custom, he/she must edit the sheet format and change the note manually.


      Originally, I was thinking of creating a custom property in the part or assembly model for which the drawing was created, name that custom property something like "Standard?", and make it a "Yes or no" type of custom property. That way, the note in the drawing would be automated in the manner (I'm using pseudo code below to explain my thinking, not because I want to use code):

      if "Standard? = yes" then

      display "STANDARD"


      display "CUSTOM"

      However, after doing some research it seems this may be easier said than done.


      Any ideas? I am definitely open to any and all suggestions in order to accomplish my goal!