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Split Command and Dimension/Size

Question asked by Darko Piljegic on Sep 25, 2014

Hello everyone,


I need some help and would appreciate if anybody have any idea.


I made box with base 60" x 36" and extruded 48". With Shell command I made it 1/2" thickness.

After that I used Split command to make 5 pieces of that box (4 sides and bottom). For the rim I used Structural Member command and used flat bar 2" x 1/2".


In BOM I want to give size for every sides and bottom but I don't know how.

For example: For the bottom I want to show length x width (60" x 36"); for the front side I want to show length x height (60" x 48"), etc. Is it possible to use Split command and have sizes such like this?

I have length of rim showed in BOM since it's weldment.


Here is attachment if can help.


Thanks everyone.