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STEP Subassembly Filename Too Long to Save

Question asked by John Mullett on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by Frank Jackson

I received a .STEP file of a machine from a customer.  One of the sub assemblies had a really long filename.  Apparently the long filename and the addition of my path to where I keep my CAD data on a Gbit network storage server (i.e. Z:/customer name/job number/CAD Data/really long compound German word containing filename.SLDASM) is too much for Win7 64bit to accept.  When I choose save I get an error "An Unnamed File Contains an Invalid Path" when I try to save the Solidworks assembly.  The save fails with only a few of the subassemblies and parts saved to disc.


I tried to do pack and go hoping to rename the offending assembly during the P&G process but of course it requires the files to first be saved to disc firs which as stated above fails. It also does not appear obvious to me that Solidworks Explorer can do anything useful with a .STEP file either.


I did get lucky enough to create temporary directory only one folder deep off of the root directory opened the step file from there and managed to get it to save and carry out the rename process.  Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do if I get a one with a filename a few German words longer.