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    Other View Document Properties

    Wayne Bird

      In SW2014 the document properties for other views doesn't get saved when changed.  This is very frustrating.


      This is the problem I'm having:

      1. Open a drawing

      2. Tools > Options> Document Properties > Views > Other

      3. Check "Add view label on view creation"

      4. Uncheck "Per standard"

      5. Change the three fonts to another font

      6. Check "Remove space in scale around colon (:) and slash(/)

      7. Hit OK

      8. Save drawing and close drawing

      9. Reopen drawing

      10. Go back to the View settings that were just changed and you'll see that they reverted back to what they were before the changes were made.


      If I'm doing something wrong please let me know.

      Will someone confirm they are seeing this problem also.