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    What a nightmare!  Dessault needs to fix this stuff

    David Knowles

      I just spent 10 minutes clicking on the cancel button after trying to Save As a drawing.  I wanted to pull in a couple of different models to compare dimensions and wanted a drawing so I could discuss in a meeting.  But after preparing the drawing, I went to save to a different name (and keep it out of EPDM), I had to sit here and click cancel as SW cycled through the several hundred parts.  No option given as to what to save. No way to stop it except to ctl-alt-del and lose all my work.


      I have a small department with 4 seats.  There isn't a day that goes by that one of us has to go in and redo a model or drawing because SW lost a balloon or a line or something.  Meanwhile I get daily emails for SW touting their latest "productivity" software (costing $1000's).  Meanwhile, simple things in SW go wanting.  No way to expand/collapse assemblies and subassemblies (oh yeah - there's the left/right arrow, but that works at the top level)  I could go on. We call support and they end up saying, "well, you could submit a suggestion, and if enough requests are received, we'll think about working on it."  No kidding.