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SWX Explorer Pack and Go Question

Question asked by Ash Carlton on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by Ash Carlton

I'm trying to find out if I'm doing something wrong when using SolidWorks Explorer.


When I use "Pack and Go" to rename files everything seems to work fine for normal file management. I'm trying to use Explorer in an unusual way I think. I have the assembly set up using equations to drive the dimensions of the parts contained within it. When I "Pack and Go" the drawing and the referenced files everything works but only at the file name level. Within each part are equations that reference the assembly, but none of the file names inside equations get changed. I have to go in and change each one in each part to match the parent assembly.


Example: Contains No Errors

(Before "Pack and Go")

BaseASM.sldasm - Equations - "X-Length", "Z-Length", "FixturePadding"

Part1.sldprt - "D1@Sketch1@Part1.sldprt" = ("X-Length@BaseASM.sldasm"+"FixturePadding@BaseASM.sldasm")

Part1.sldprt - "D2@Sketch1@Part1.sldprt" = ("Z-Length@BaseASM.sldasm"+"FixturePadding@BaseASM.sldasm")



Example: Contains Errors

(After "Pack and Go")

AssemblyFixture.sldasm - Equations - "X-Length", "Z-Length", "FixturePadding"

FixtureRib1.sldprt - "D1@Sketch1@Part1.sldprt" = ("X-Length@BaseASM.sldasm"+"FixturePadding@BaseASM.sldasm")

FixtureRib2.sldprt - "D1@Sketch1@Part1.sldprt" = ("Z-Length@BaseASM.sldasm"+"FixturePadding@BaseASM.sldasm")


Any advice to accomplish this?