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    drwdot same as slddrt

    Jeff Klare

      When I start a new drawing, I pick our template which brings in the title block i want to use and has the revision block in the upper right corner.  Then when I add a new sheet, the title block is completely different and the revision block is missing.  I believe it has something to do with the .drwdot and .slddrt files in our library.  How can i get the two files to be the same so when i add a new sheet, they both look the same?  I thought i could open the .drwdot file and overwrite the .slddrt file, but, it does not allow that.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          First of all, they're two distinctly different file types.  When you save a drawing template, any new drawings started with it will use the sheet format as it existed at the time the drawing template was saved.  If you later make changes to the sheet format, the changes won't be reflected in new drawings started with the drawing template until you Reload it and re-save the drawing template.  Also, a saved sheet format won't show up as an option to select when adding a new sheet if it's not saved at the location specified at Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations > Sheet Formats.


          If this doesn't clear it up, come back and ask again.  Also, this subject was discussed in this discussion:  Sheet Templates .  Reviewing it might answer some of your questions.

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              Jeff Klare

              Thanks Glenn.  I reviewed the sheet templates thread and think i understand now.

              What i was able to do,

              1.) start a new drawing using the template file i use.

              2.) edit the sheet format.

              3.) Do a <file>, save sheet format, and then i was able to overwrite the existing .slddrt file in our library.


              Now when i start a drawing, and add a new sheet, both title blocks are the same.  The only thing missing is the revision table in the upper right corner, which i guess i can just add each time on the new sheets.