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    Moving 3d sketch

    Robert Kapers
      I was wondering if it is possible to move a 3d sketch just likemoving a sketch with modify sketch function.

      Thanks for any useful input.
        • Moving 3d sketch
          Steve Calvert
          Can you do a sketch tools>move? This should work on a planar 3D sketch but I've never tried one in true 3D space before.

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            New Moon

            prefect question

            no YOU CANT !

            because of the weakness of 2D / 3D sketch in solidworks you cant do this

            unfortunately 2d/3d sketch even in solidworks 2016 is so weak !

            you cant move and snap 3d sketch (the cool part is that its available in 2D sketch)

            you cant use segment with spline !

            you cant scale sketch by percent or by reference - like fitting group of lines and curves in square (scale is fully unavailable in 3D sketch)

            you cant rotate 3D sketch with reference or by snap !

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              Mark Biasotti

              Of course the 2D move sketch tool is not available for 3D sketch but... the 3D sketch triad can be very helpful when translating and rotating 3D sketches. The tools>sketch tools>move as well as tools>sketch tools>rotate are also available.  The sketch triad can be evoked by preselecting selecting the 3D sketch geometry (or vertices) you want to move and then RMB "Show sketch Triad".