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    Set the type of documents to TaskPaneView

    Sandip Ichake



      In SldWorks we have ShowInDocumentType property for the ICommandGroup


      SWCmdGroup.ShowInDocumentType = swDocTemplateTypes_e.swDocTemplateTypePART Or swDocTemplateTypes_e.swDocTemplateTypeASSEMBLY


      Is there any similar api for TaskPaneView ? so that my TaskPaneView  is visible only for the PART and ASSEMBLY documents.





        • Re: Set the type of documents to TaskPaneView
          Daniel Andersson

          I can not see in the API reference that there is any methods for the TaskPaneView thatncan be used as in the CommandGroup.


          But it should possible to hide and show the task pane (method HideView and ShowView). Which would make it possible to show or hide it when the active document changes using events. But I do not know if the task pane will be focused automatically when using the ShowView method.