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    How do you remove a material from a body in a multibody part in Simulation

    Thomas Swiler

      Here's the scenario. I'm kind of impatient, so I make some sort of multibody part model for some sort of analysis and I don't think to assign materials properties until I get into Simulation. I then assign materials, but then I want to run another simulation on the same model, and then I wish that I'd assigned the materials at the model level so that any subsequent simulation would inherit the model materials. I then go back and assign the materials at the model level. To ensure consistency, I want to use just those materials in the simulation that I've already defined. However, the materials that I've assigned at the Simulation level stick and I can't figure out how to remove them. SolidWorks help shows how to remove the material from a single body part but not a multibody part. Can it be done? I seem to remember in the past there was an option to explicitly assign the material from the solid model, but I can't find it now.

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          James Riddell

          I'm not 100% sure about this but if you have one scenario set up and RMB click on the tab and 'Duplicate' the tab, all that data should show up in the new tab.  It also appears that within a tab you can CTL+click on multiple parts and then RMB on the highlighted parts and change their material.


          I'd be curious to hear if that works out for you.

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            Jared Conway

            so if i get the jist of it, you applied the material at the solidworks level

            and now when you try to override the material in the simulation it always goes back to the material that was already applied


            does this happen in all files?


            does it happen in a brand new study?


            if you change the material in the solidworks simulation study, it should use whatever you select


            but there isn't really a way to "clear" the materials in the solidworks simulation study and then suck in the materials from the part without creating a brand new study.

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              Rohit Choudhary

              Hi Thomas,

              Firstly, as of I know there is no option of "Remove Material" for body/part/component in the Simulation Tree - irrespective of you doing part level analysis, multibody analysis or assembly level analysis. However, in Simulation Interface, you can always change the material applied to the body by right clicking on the body and click on "Apply/Edit Material". By choosing material now, new material over-rides the previous one. And hence the study will consider the new material.


              Secondly, If you have applied material in the Simulation Tree, then again gone into the Modeling interface and have changed the material, under such scenario, the material properties in simulation tree do not get updated for the current Simulation study. What I suggest is, you can create a new study after this so that the changes you made are brought in effect for the studied here on.


              Thirdly, I do understand that, you will have reapply the fixture and mesh again for the new study that you would create with new materials, which you may find cumbersome; but there is a work-around for it : Go to the previous study, RIght click on the "Fixtures" in the Simulation Tree, click on Copy, and then go the new study, again right click on the "Fixtures" in the simulation tree there, click on Paste - all the fixtures that you had chosen previously will be applied to the new study also. Same thing can followed for load/forces and mesh too. (Refer image for clarity - which has two studies and have followed this method)



              Hope this would clear your doubts.

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                Thomas Swiler

                Thank you all for your responses. I think that you've all confirmed what I suspected, which is that once you've applied a material at the simulation level, you can't go back to the material that was applied at the solid model level, unless you create a new study. I've avoided doing that because once you've selected the perfect name for your study, then you have to name the new study something else, but perhaps one can cleanly rename the previous study and use the same name again for the new study. I'll give it a try.


                I wish they'd just include a button to just use the material in the solid model. For some reason, I think that they used to offer that functionality. Maybe I could write a macro to do it, but it's probably not worth the effort.


                Thanks again.