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Workflows - Using SMTP Email with Dispatch for Notification/Delayed in State Notification?

Question asked by Mark Hagan on Sep 23, 2014


I have done some searches, and I was unable to determine if there was a way to use SMTP (Email/Workflow Notifications) with Dispatch, or how it would be done.


Does anyone have any references or ideas for how this might be accomplished?


Note: The only thing I found was a reference to, and I believe I would have to purchase a rather expensive script or module from them.





Longer Version:

I am attempting to do this so I can utilize it in an Engineering Change Process for Notifications. You may be questing why I want to do this when workflows already contain notifications, well I shall elaborate.


There are a few reasons, and are as follows:

  1. Our (Current) Engineering Change Process has almost no structure when it comes to the people who need to approve it. All our signatures are done under parallel approval, but there are 29 potential people who may need to sign off on a document. Typically a document does not require all 29 people, but it could be any combination of those people, and in any quantity 2 through 29.
  2. Because of the above, I have had to group all 29 people into the "Engineering Change" Group. This means that when a delayed in state notification comes up, everyone in that group would get a notification. However, not everyone in that group may need to approve that document. Because everyone is in that group however, they all have permissions to approve the documents.
  3. I found a clever way to launch Microsoft Outlook locally, however, not everyone uses the same email manager.


Allowing all 29 people permissions to approve documents isn't particularly a problem, my problem is the delayed in state notification.

(People won't approve documents if they aren't notified that they need to approve them. However, if they are notified of them from the delayed in state I'm 100% sure many people will approve documents, even if they weren't on the initial dynamic notification)


My idea was to make a data card tab which would have a list of the 29 users. Essentially This would function like the dynamic notification process, however the boxes would also function for the delayed in state notification, only notifying the people who's names are checked. It would then send mail using the SMTP so it wont have to launch a local email application.


Also, if someone has an alternative idea rather than trying to use SMPT with Dispatch, I would be happy to try it out.