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    Multiple PDF on Check in

    Stephen Gioacchini

      I am in the process of setting up EPDM with my VAR. One thing that I asked for from them was for multiple pdfs on drawing approval. To explain: when a drawing is approved for fabrication it goes to 4 different parts of the company and each copy gets a red stamp. Master Copy, Control Copy 1, Control Copy 2, and Quality Control Copy. Currently we do this manually with a rubber stamp but I am hoping to get this automated in EPDM so that these copies can be sent out electronically instead of paper copies.


      I know I can have it save to pdf, edrawings and autocad on checkin. But it seems to be difficult to do the multiple copies of the pdf with the stamps.


      So My questions is: Does anyone else do something like this? How do you handle it?


      Thanks for the feedback.



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          Nhat MAI

          You just have to create a work flow that require 4 approvals for a single pdf. The pdf would be in the vault and only a single person can work on it at any time.

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            Brian McEwen

            It looks like Nhat Mai is pointing you in the right direction.  But just FYI, for some reason if you do want more than one copy of the PDF, the EPDM Convert Task can make 2 copies. And it can store them inside or outside the vault. Outside is useful when you have people without an EPDM seat. Outside the vault you can use electronic stamping tools (Adobe, etc) to approve and then email.


            I'm in favor of starting with fewer states (states are easy to add, hard to remove). So I'd suggest trying the parallel transition first. You can set Delayed in State notifications on it. Transitions are much easier to remove or change than states. Keep your starting workflow simple as much as possible. Don't try to automate everything on your launch day, get the basics working first.

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              Kip Speck



              You would build your own Parallel Approval process.  Building your own overcomes not knowing who has signed off, and allows you to write to different variables on each transition.  We have done this numerous times for different companies.


              Building your own is not hard, I can point you in the right direction if you want to shoot me an email.


              Additionally, I would suggest adding a Custom Property and an Annotation to your Drawings that updates based on the State of the file, "Pending Approvals", "Approved for Production", "Under Revision", etc..  This variable is set during specific transitions before the PDF is created.  This allows you to essentially "Watermark" the drawing when creating the PDF.


              Kip Speck