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    Circular centermarks - non-patterned holes

    Kris Rowlands

      !The last topic I saw on this was back in 2006 or 2009.......


      I cannot figure out how to do a circular center mark! I have several non-patterned holes (due to differing angles) on a bolt hole circle, and I cannot get a center mark that will clock proper with regards to the axis being in the center of the round part. I also can't get the "arc"as the "horizontal" center on the center mark so I can drag it all the away around the bolt circle diameter.


      Surely SW has this by now?


      Please help.....the hair is getting thin. Thank you!

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          Matthew Lorono



          Without seeing your specific case, it's hard to judge the particulars causing the issue that you are experiencing.  However, there are a set of commands in the right-click menus of center mark sets that may be helpful.

          First, to make sure you are creating a center mark set, let me quickly review how to do this.  When you start the Center Mark tool, a PropertyManager comes up that allows you to set properties for the center marks you are able to create.  In the Manual Insert Options group box ( about the middle of the PropertyManager), there are three buttons: Single Center Mark, Linear Center Mark and Cicular Center Mark.  Single Center Mark makes individual center marks that aren't associated with other.  Linear Center Mark creates a set of center marks in a linear (x,y) pattern.  Cicular Center Mark creates center marks in a circle pattern.  The one you are interested in, based on your description above, is Circular Center Mark.


          Circular Center Mark requires three inputs.  It assumes that these inputs are all part of the same BC.  You should never have to select the center.  Once you select three or more holes on the same BC, the center of the pattern is automatically determined.


          To remove a center mark from the set, simply delete it by selecting it and hitting delete.  To add a center mark to a center mark set, create separate center mark, then select both the center mark set and the new individual center mark and right-click on either.  In the right-click menu, choose "Merge Center Mark".


          And, for cicular center mar sets, you can right-click on any of the center marks in the set and choose "Set Base Center" to make it the new center of the set.