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    Magnetic Line

    Brian Warthen


      Using SW 2014 sp4. I instert a magnetic line in a drawing. It picks up one existing baloon. I move other existing baloons over the so called magnetic line and no association is made. Insterting a new baloon and trying to set it on the so called magnetic line produce no different results. This should just work, no work around. This inability to just work produce the Solidworks Factor that sucks up time and makes frustration.




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          Matthew Lorono



          Without seeing your example, it's hard to know what's going on.  My first guess is that the magent line is not on the same drawing view as the balloons that you are attempting to tie to it.  All balloons attached to any single magnet line must be on the same drawing view.  If this is not the case in your example, can you provide more information, such as a example files that demonstrate what you are experiencing?  Also, if there is indeed something no working correctly, I'd ask that you contact your VAR to have them evaluate the issue and, if necessary, file a bug report.