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Error creating mesh in a Heat Exchanger

Question asked by Vicente Centelles on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by Jim Riddell

Hi everyone,


I've done a Flow Simulation study with a heat exchanger. Now I want to use the data obtained to calculate the deformations in it due to the temperature so I've loaded the ".fld" file in Simulation (In the option "Temperature from Solidworks Flow Simulation".


My problem is that when I start creating my mesh it always stops at 98% and says it has failed meshing one of the parts (the part that fails changes each time I try creating the mesh).Captura.PNG Then it freezes and it keeps showing that message until I have to close Solidworks because I can't cancel it.


I've tried doing a mesh control each time a part fails but there is always another one that fails.


Does anyone know how to solve this? Do you have some advice to avoid this?


Thanks in advance