Ryan Beck

Assembly performance: Configurations vs. Derived Parts

Discussion created by Ryan Beck on Mar 29, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2007 by Pete Yodis
I have a large lofted part that is used as a "Plug" for two primary components that are later bonded together with the internals detailed and drawings, etc...

In my past CAD work, I have modeled this in several ways with similar projects, primarily focusing on configurations and keeping all the work in one file. For instance, the Plug, the Top Half (RH & LH), the Bottom Half (Somtimes RH & LH), would all be separate configurations of the same part.

The file being large and detailed, the upper level assemblies get heavy on the processing, so I wonder if it would help me to save a derived part from the solid body instead of using configurations?

(I have done the reduced feature configuration thing about as much as possible as well...)

It may be six of one, half-a-dozen-of-another, but any experienced advice would be greatly appreciated.