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    Solidworks bug or user mistake?

    Marco Gigante


      here I would like to understand if what I faced was a bug or my knowledge lack:


      During a sketch drawing i tried to project a simple line with the "convert entities" command.....and I got an error ... don't understand why






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          Deepak Gupta

          It may be hard to say if this is a bug or error. Can you attach the file to check.


          Also if you remove the relation from that line (removed the on edge relation) then what happens.

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              Marco Gigante

              hello Deepak,

              sorry, probably I can't post the file.. but I can tell you that:


              - If I remove the "on edge" relation ( coming from the "convert entities command") the error disappears


              - seams like the problem is related to an arc of circle with the center located along a reference geometry: axis (the blue vertical line)


              - actually the problem is not related to the "convert entities" command... to make the error appear is just enough create a line with an edge coincident to that arc circle center and then make the line vertical (if I make it horizontal the problem doesn't appear! ... :/ ). Here the figures:







              to me seams like it's a real solidworks bug ..