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    Linking Excel cells to a SW Drawing Dimension?

    Curtis Jameson

      I'm looking for a way to link a cell in an Excel document to a SW drawing dimension.  Here's some background.  I have an Excel document that I have inserted into a SW drawing.  This document  performs some engineering calculations which are based on the drawing dimensions.  I would like to have the drawing dimensions drive specific cells in the Excel document so that the calculations automatically update when the drawing dimensions are changed. 


      I know that it is possible to do this using a SW General Table where you can simply double click on a cell and then select a dimension from the drawing.  Unfortunately, doing complex engineering calculations with the SW General Table is very cumbersome.  I would like to achieve a similar link, but with an Excel table in the drawing instead.  I know this is possible within a Part Design Table, but my preference is to do this within a drawing because it is much easier to document the calculations with a drawing.  I've been told this might be possible with a macro and SW API, but I have very limited programming experience.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.