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Pressure drop over a perforated plate

Question asked by Dom Enico on Sep 23, 2014
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I am a student who is fairly new to CFD so forgive my ignorance on the subject at hand.


I have designed a duct with many slots that will be used to provide cooling in a cabinet. Essentially, I feel this is a perforated plate and I would like to know the pressure drop over it to be able to select a fan.

I've set up a 'virtual wind tunnel' in Solidworks as discussed in this thread . I've made the wind tunnel 1m long with a volumetric flow rate of 0.2m3/s at one end and environmental pressure at the other. I then set up surface pressure goals at each end and then found the difference between them to determine pressure drop. Here is a diagram:



Here is the 'perforated plate': It is 1320 x 1360 mm and the slots are 200x10mm and the thickness is 1mm. Free area is 8.5

I've set up a local initial mesh for the plate with a mesh size of 1mm.


My problem is that I am only getting a pressure drop of about 2 Pa. I initially set up the study with one quarter of the plate (and one quarter flow rate) and got similar results as expected.


I feel this is quite small and wondering if there is an issue in my model.


Are there any suggestions?