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Write drawing data card with part card Values

Question asked by Tyler Ista on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by Tyler Ista

Please Help!  I am following these instructions to link data card values of my drawing to data card values of my part.  This looks incredibly simple but somehow it is not working.  My variable is set up like this:




and my data card for my part is like this:



And my drawing data card is set up like this:




The data cards will not sync. It does not matter if I make a new part and drawing in epdm, or if I put in and old part and make a new drawing, or if I put in an old part and drawing... It never syncs the files.  The drawing is properly filling in the title block with the parts custom properties.  I am getting really fed up because it seems so simple and yet it is not working at all. Is there something else that I could be overlooking?