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    Edit boss-extrusion in both direction

    Di Anne



      Does anyone knows how to edit the extrusion of the selected extruded part in both direction?


      Im using this code but only direction 1 is being edited wherein both direction 1 and 2 must be updated.


                  swFeat = swPart.FeatureByName("Boss-Extrude1");

                  ExtrudeFeatureData2 swExtrudeFeatData = swFeat.GetDefinition();         

                  swExtrudeFeatData.SetEndCondition(true, (int)swEndConditions_e.swEndCondBlind);

                  swExtrudeFeatData.SetDepth(true, 3 / 1000);

                  swFeat.ModifyDefinition(swExtrudeFeatData, swModel, null);


      Thanks in advance.