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select visible faces

Question asked by Dave Branco on Sep 22, 2014

Can anyone figure out how to select front facing faces in a part document?  This is similar to IGetVisibleEntities but that can only be used on drawings and I am looking for an equivalent in a part.


Box selecting with a face filter from extreme corners of the graphics display would work but I cannot replicate that through API and when I try recording a macro while box selecting it records :

boolstatus = Part.Extension.SketchBoxSelect("0.000000", "0.000000", "0.000000", "0.000000", "0.000000", "0.000000")


I can replace all of the zeros to change the box selection boundaries but still that will only select sketch entities within an active sketch so far as I can tell.


See image attached for clarification of what I am looking to be able to do.