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adding connection point to electrical component

Question asked by Carlo Tagliani on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Okeke Richard

Hello everyone,


I am a newbie in this forum and also in Solidworks Electrical software which my company uses. I will appreciate your help on a matter that I am sure it is easy but I cannot sort out.


I want to create a new electrical component with connection points. But I cannot manage to complete the "electrical component wizard" properly and create a new component with connection points. Here is the scene; I downloaded a circuit breaker 3d assembly from tracepartsonline. I open it in Solidworks and in Electrical plugin I associate it with manufacturer part, start the wizard, choose the faces, choose the rail connection point and come to connection point stage. I choose "connection point by reference.". Here, the terminals are available as I already associated it at the beginning. I choose the terminal and click on part surface to create the connection point. This is where the problem starts. I get the error message telling that where I click is not on the part surface, sketch point is not on the part (although it is). It does not complete the wizard nor create connection points. I tried many things so far. The closest solution I found was creating a centerline on the part itself, start the wizard and choose the middle of centerline as connection point. This way, I manage to have it not give an error but it does not create the connector either. Where am I making the mistake? Should not be eaiser?


Please help this newbie...